Sunday, August 17, 2008

We (I) Survived!

I can't believe I'm posting about the first day of school already! The kids started on Wednesday, Aug 14th. I had been dreading this day all year. My baby was finally heading on the bus! She was so excited to be going to Kindergarten. Kayla ran onto the bus and didn't look back! I didn't cry until she was gone. She is there all day and boy is she tired when she gets home! Ryan didn't seem to mind starting school. He is in the 4th grade this year. It's funny the difference between the two kids. Kalya tells me every single detail from her day, from where she stood in line for what to who got in trouble in class. Ryan hasn't changed...he makes it seem like a painful inquisition just when I asked what the best part of his day was. :)

I would like to post a prayer request. On Aug 2nd I was hit in the head accidentally and injured by a water balloon. Seems harmless, doesn't it? When I got hit I had a little pain and then a considerable change in my hearing. The pain went away quickly and I resumed my day and spent about another 3 hours on the lake. Later I still felt like I had water in my ear and it was suggested that I put rubbing alcohol in it. I had heard that before so I went ahead and did it. Big mistake. I didn't realize that I had perforated my eardrum. So, I basically poured rubbing alcohol into an open wound in my ear and directly into my middle ear. Within 20 minutes I was on the bathroom floor hanging on the toilet vomiting. The room was spinning so badly I wasn't sure how I was going to ever get back up. Eventually, I got to the ER and was given a shot to stop the vomiting and medicine for the vertigo. The good news is that my ear is healed now. The bad news is that I have had no return in hearing and I also have lost the sense of taste on the right side of my tongue. I have had some nerve damage and that is why I can't taste well at the moment. I saw an ENT on the 12th and got a steroid shot. I start more steroids next week and are on antibiotics. Last Tuesday, I couldn't hear sounds in my right ear unless they were 70 decibels (sound level of a hair dryer, vacuum cleaner). I know it sounds cliche....but you don't appreciate things until they are gone! I really need my hearing for work and for everyday life! Please pray that my ear will heal and the damage is not permanent! I appreciate it!